Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Inca Vampyr

The End of the Incas

Here is another iteration of a First Fear postcard sketch. The first pass is below (June 29 entry, top sketch), but I needed to go for something more dramatic. The mural in the original sketch was intended to give a place and time, but it is completely inaccurate to the time period in scale and intent. These postcards are meant more for mood and those in the know will recognize the Intihuatana Stone that she is standing on and place the mountain setting in Machu Picchu.

Currently no one knows why the Incas disappeared, in spite of many theories. Mine theory is simple - the Incas knew too much and were wiped out by aliens and their monster guardians. At the moment, the year 2012 plays heavily into the plot of The First Fear. Hmm...what did they know?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

couldn't help commenting...
how could u proceed on a job without proper investigation?
you wanna know why the incas died out?
try reading eduardo galeano's Meomory of Fire... you might come across some interetsing background!
— filiusrosadis-at-yahoo-co-in

3:23 PM  

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