Monday, July 02, 2007

Kerosene Ran and Elle in Hell (with Elvis)

"Kerosene Ran"

I'm putting together some giveaways for the conferences and since Vistaprint was giving away 100 postcards today (plus shipping), I thought I would get an older, favorite image printed up. This is a color marker sketch on newsprint that is 22" x 18" of a character from the Ralph the Punk universe. It's one of my favorites. Everything about it is wrong, but it is the imperfections that make it read as very human.

In reality, nobody's eyes line-up in a perfect horizontal line across your face. Most features just sort of meander around the general area of where they're suppose to be and that's what gives us all our own unique charm. I believe it was Elle MacPherson that once commented that most "supermodel" faces ride that thin borderline between classic beauty and downright ugly. She included herself in that category, by the way.

"Elvis and Elle in Hell"

Here's the first color piece I ever did on a computer that wasn't an animation. It's called "Elvis and Elle in Hell" and was created in 12 hours with Superpaint and a big, fat mouse. No scanner. No color printer. I literally had to take a color photo of the screen and frame the print for the gallery show it was in. The show was an all Elvis art show at Tony Fitzpatrick's World Tattoo Gallery.

The delicious kicker for this piece is that I actually got Elle MacPherson to sign the print, "To Elvis - All my love, Elle".

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