Thursday, May 10, 2007

First Fear Thumbnail Wrestling

Wisdom teeth be damned, I'm moving full speed ahead now. I'm working out thumbnail sketches to take the script into the visual stage and using PostIt notes to do this. Those of you who think this is left over from my consultant days would be partially correct. I actually started doing this at the law firm, Freeborn & Peters, in the early 80's when I was creating my Ralph the Punk comic on their PostIts and copy machines as a lowly temp. (These were the days before they invented ways to track copy usage with key codes.)

I like the ability to move the sketches around easily as the story telling comes together (or falls apart).

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Blogger ultralex said...

This is great to see taking shape. I use PostIts for layouts too--it makes me focus on the essence of the figure placement. Cuz after that I tend to get over-involved with the details and lighting. Mr. Chaykin always used index cards, I believe. He'd type descriptions of individual scenes on separate cards before sorting the scenes into a page order. After the flow was established the thumbnails would begin.

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