Saturday, May 05, 2007

First Fear - Mayan Bloodbath

Finally some news relating to The First Fear comic book. The script has now taken a shape that allows me to start drafting page layouts. Core story elements are falling in place and artwork will begin showing up again in this damn blog.

One sequence that is coming together well (and probably be the first to be seen here) is the Mayan Genocide story arc. It distinctly places our protagonist in a rather bloody light. This one will have it all - blood sacrifice, monsters, alien starships, and jungle temples lit by massive bonfires.

In other exciting news, I will be working with an amazing colorist on these pages. I won't name him just yet, I think we'll let the work do the talking, but I am thrilled at the prospect. His most recent work in the comics field is on an Eisner Award-winning book which should be going to press literally any day now. As soon as I can tell ya more, I will. Shh...

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Blogger Ray Frenden said...

Awesome. If you'd like a second set of eyes, I'd be happy to give a gander!

10:48 PM  
Blogger Charlie said...

Thanks, Ray! You'll be one of the first to see this stuff.

9:02 AM  

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