Monday, March 19, 2007

Omnicircus Redux

There was a time, 1981 to be exact, when I found myself drifting in Chicago. I had recently arrived from Texas where I had been playing synths in various projects and I had just finished performing and playing in a musical version of Shakespeare's The Tempest. (Don't ask - the last line of The Reader review said, "Stay away in droves.")

Charlie and his Moog Prodigy for hire

I was looking for my next wild-haired art thing and, boy, did I find it. I was drinking (surprise) at The Gingerman, next to Metro, and saw a homemade flyer on the wall asking for a synthesizer player for a movie soundtrack. I ripped the tag off the flyer and called and thereby entered the exotic sphere of Frank Garvey.

Painting by Frank Garvey

Why am I telling you this? Frank and his expanded Omnicircus clan of misfits will have an installation of robots, paintings and performing at Acme Art Works on Wednesday, March 21 at 8PM. I haven't seen it yet, but it strikes me as a similar vibe to Survival Research Lab only inside and with less blood, fire and gasoline. All art, revolutionary manifestos, robots, dirty words, flung paint played at 11. I'm looking forward to it.

Check out Lilia Ahner's Flickr set for one of Survival Research Lab's shows. Trust me, if you can't go to an SRL show, at least take a peek at what you missed.

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Anonymous Kathryn said...

Are those leather pants??? Ho--may--gawd!

9:36 AM  
Blogger Charlie said...

Damn right. Best pair of pants I ever had. Rock star pants.

10:32 AM  
Blogger ultralex said...

Sorry I had to miss this...Did the show meet your expectations? Get any photos?

9:11 AM  
Blogger Charlie said...

Brian and I checked out the show and it was the film portion of the large piece, not the wild extravaganza that I had seen on the website. It's possible the full travelling show will arrive in Chicago this year (and I will be there).

We were the first to see the full, 3-hour, 'main trunk' of Frank Garvey's "Omnicircus - Wall of Ashes" electronic novel. I'm biased because some of my synth work is still in the soundtrack and Frank was great to work with. Brian and I enjoyed it although it will not be everyone's Cup 'O Tea. At times the film is dark, surreal and grotesque. It is also funny, beautiful and creatively moving. It can be bizarre, weird and baffling. The 12-minute Prelude alone is amazing in it's pathos, intimacy, joy and humanity.

At some point in the blog I'll do attempt a whole entry on this beast to try to do it justice.

So in answer to the question, it actually exceeded my expectations by a great deal.

11:03 PM  

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