Thursday, August 10, 2006

I'm So Sick

The comic book I'm working on, The First Fear, has gotten another song in the 'inspiration' soundtrack. The band, Flyleaf, has a tune called, I'm So Sick, which works perfectly with where I'm going with the script. Their website has it streaming in the background, along with another song, Fully Alive.

Dementia has played such an integral part of my life the last several years I have decided to incorporate it into the story I'm writing. (And no, I am not the one suffering from the disease.) A meeting I had earlier today delivered the news that we were coming to a threshold I have been dreading for a while now. It's surprising how this phase of the disease has brought on an emotional impact that is far greater than I had imagined. You always think you're prepared.

I've not used my art as personal outlet other than to entertain, shock and amuse the viewer. After 35 years of making things, I appear to be at a crossroad where an emotional investment into this story may be of some use. We'll see.

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