Saturday, July 22, 2006

The First Fear Music

Every major piece of creative work I have ever been involved with, be it an illustration, an animation, a play, a computer game, pretty much anything, has always had music associated with it. Even when I've eventually written the music myself, there's always a work track involved during the creation. It is part of the sensory aspect of the story the fills in a lot of blanks for me creatively.

I've been working on a comic book idea called 'The First Fear' and while the concept is exciting to me there has been a piece missing. Up until this point it didn't have any music connected to it. No soundtrack for the ideas to play against. Until now. I was up late watching MTV2 and saw a great video for Ladytron's new CD, Witching Hour. The song felt right and now that I have it, it is right. The song is called 'Destroy Everything You Touch' and even the lyrics work with the piece. I move forward now with confidence. It is falling together.

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