Thursday, July 13, 2006

Slow News Day

I probably shouldn't write about this ahead of it's time, but I am. Today's news from the Middle East (kidnappings, bombings, threats, escalation) began to bring a tingle to my spine like the NPR report I was listening to in the car at 8:45AM on 9/11. Just a sense of grand, terrible things in the works. Today was a capper to a week of horrendous news (kidnappings, bombings, threats, escalation in other parts of the world). With more to come.

That said, it did inspire an exceptional idea for a new story. This is a good sign. The ideas are coming fast and furious now. Like they should. Like they use to when I did this creative arts thing as a regular daily occurrence, like breathing.

Now I just have to keep my priorities straight and really maintain some discipline. I have put two or three projects on the backburner for the fall (the Sherlock/Shakespeare venture and Moreau, for example), but I'm very active on several more. These are: the Theater Poster Sampler; Ralph the Punk pieces; 'The First Fear' comic book; and the Burning City Store.

And now it appears I'm excited enough with this new idea to at least get the story down. It's a one-shot comic book that is a complete reaction to world events, tentatively titled, "This Is How It Begins".

All of these projects will be exposed here as they unfold, so stay tuned. I've even revived the old Burning City tagline, because it seems so appropriate these days - 'The Dream That Kicks".

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