Monday, July 24, 2006

Surrounded by Greatness

Excellent news. Alex Wald and I will be at table #3027 in Artists Alley at Wizard World Chicago. On one side at table #3026 will be Geof Darrow, one of the amazing Matrix production artists and creater of Shoalin Cowboy, Big Guy and Rusty the Robot, and Hard Boiled (with Frank Miller). On the other side (table #3028) will be our friends, Bill and Linda Reinhold! Bill is currently the inker on Amazing Spiderman and has worked with everyone in the industry. Linda is an amazing colorist and has also worked with every major comic book company. All three are some of the nicest folks you'll ever meet. Drop on by!

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Blogger Ray Frenden said...

I fully intend to. I haven't been to a convention in a decade.

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Bruce said...

Hope you have a great time there. I won't be going myself as I'm not a) apart of the "industry" or b) not using the Wizard at an excuse to get together with all my buds. I'm just a little fan-boy who is now overwhelmed by all the marketing hype and prices. I'll always pine for the days where you pay your ten dollars and get your cheesy computer printout ticket. Yeah, I've become a big negative on the Wiz. I'm a wuss. Please don't hurt me.

But really, I hope you have a blast with all your friends. Hope you sell a lot of wares too and get a lot of gawking, balding thirty year olds saying, "Dude, you were the guy on Shatter?!"

2:21 PM  
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