Friday, August 03, 2007

SDCC 07 - Meet The Devils

San Diego Comic-Con 2007. Exhausting, exhilarating, ass-kicking.

One of the best things about Comic-Con this year was the chance to meet a lot of the people involved in The Devil's Candy Store adventure.

Stormtrooper Elvis, Jack, Denise, and Dave Dorman

My new business partner, Denise Dorman, and her husband Dave Dorman made this an exceptional trip. Their friendship and con experience made this event happen in all the right ways. Thank you, Denise and Dave. It was a pleasure to meet Darlene who took care of Jack while we took care of business.

Denise and I also did an interview with Lisa Fary and John Dallaire of Pink Raygun.

And now, in no particular order, the Devils and some friends:

Mark Nagata and Alex Wald

Alex Wald, The Devil's Candy Store Art Director, met up for the first time in human form with his longtime pal, Mark Nagata of the Max Toy Company. Alex will have some work in a show Mark's putting together at Chicago's Rotofugi called Toy Karma.

Christopher Moeller

Craig Elliott and Amy

Batgirl and Jon Van Fleet

Scott Hampton

Durwin Talon

The lovely Kristina, Stephan Martiniere, and Donato Giancola

We had the good fortune of having our portion of the booth directly across from Donato's booth where we got to know Donato's beautiful and charming helpers, Christina and Rocky. They shared their space with Cathy and Arnie Fenner of Spectrum.

Jon Foster and Denise Dorman

Mike Kennedy and his fiance, Liz

Tom Baxa

Joey Wester and Christopher Moeller

Joey is this dazzling redhead whose work you've seen many, many times, but just don't know it. Joey is the premiere painter of those paintings you see in television and movies in the characters' surroundings.

Denise and Dave Dorman and Clydene Nee

Clydene was instrumental in many good things to come our way and we thank her for it.

Jack and the Chocolate Box

Beth and Phil Burnett

Phil was my fellow BSG geek and thankfully one of us made it into the panel. Of course, this meant that Beth had to sit through four hours of geekville and Danny Bonaduce questions.

Dean Haglund and Patti (and the Joker)

A big surprise was meeting Dean and his beautiful girlfriend, Patti, who turned out to be excellent dinner companions. Both were charming and funny and Dean had stories that ranged from Buddy Hackett to Ur Castles and beyond.

Others in The Devil's Candy Store circle that were a joy to meet were Tom Carroll of Rockstar Games, Kevin Anderson, and Rebecca Moesta.

We also ran into Howard Chaykin, Brom, Olivia DeBerardinis, Geof Darrow, Peter Kuper, Tony Akins, Joshua Ellingson, Alice Bentley, Bill Reinhold, Peter and Anya from the Blick Forums, Mitch O'Connell, and Steve Rude, among others.

And Kathy Tanaka came to visit!!!

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