Thursday, January 04, 2007

Now We're Cooking

I started writing The First Fear in June, 2006. Today I finally broke through the myriad of story drafts with an intro I could work with. I have several intros and lots of background, but never really bought into my lead character nor the way I was telling the story to the reader. Until now.

I had been writing tons of exposition and scenes, but no cohesive story to hang a hat on. Or draw for that matter. I have devoured Will Eisner's books, Scott McCloud's theories and other writing tomes, but the one that really hit me hard was Alex Toth's critique of a Steve Rude story. Everything I was writing introduced the lead character waaay too late and took forever to establish the core of the story and where it takes place.

But now I'm in a happy place (for however brief that will be, it's good to find at least one happy place per project.)

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Blogger alex said...

Re "Now We're Cooking," made me think of Damon Knight's famous (Twilight Zone) story punchline: "'To Serve Man"--it's a cookbook!!!"

I hope to see you whip this recipe up into something tasty soon. I'll bring a spoon!

9:27 AM  

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