Friday, November 10, 2006

FTF/TIC Anniversary Party Action Shots

One decade, two decades. A long time for any venture, much less two that were both sort of an afterthought to bigger plans.

FTF started in 1996 as a way to get fellow tortured souls together to discuss the joys of the hell known as entrepreneurship. The bait was free beer and chips. It worked.

TIC (Technology Innovation Center) started as a minor, not-for-profit portion of a huge Research Park project designed to alter the landscape of Evanston and the Midwest. Well, that Research Park is now a Hilton Garden Inn, a Borders, a Chili's, etc. and TIC aka The Incubator is still kicking twenty years later. It has won numerous awards for excellence, housed over 300 companies, and built relationships with Japan and others to teach them how to do this odd thing call entrepreneurship. Happy Birthday TIC and FTF!

The two poster designs I put together for the event are seen in action above.

Ann Reed (IBIO Institute) and John Conrad (IBIO) discover and utilize the free beer.

Mark Achler (serial successful entrepreneur), Thomas Parkinson (Peapod co-founder), and Dennis Director (found Apollo 17 moon rocket when it got lost) still trying to figure out if Mark or Dennis was the first TIC tenant.

The party was held at First Bank and Trust in Evanston, because they too were once a small startup in the Incubator. Who woulda thunk it ten years ago? Our party in a bank. Soo many suits.

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