Friday, October 20, 2006

Halloween Party Invite Part One

Okay, some drawings. Not from The First Fear, but drawings none-the-less, damn it. We're having a small gathering of an odd assortment of friends that are connected in a weird sort of way and I thought I would throw together a Halloween related invite.

I wanted to include Julienne in the piece and so here is an initial sketch of her sweet face. I was gonna be in the damn thing too, but realized there is only so much my friends can take.

This is a piecing together of several sketch ideas to get the foundation of the illustration going. I quickly draw these out on paper, scan them in and then manipulate details in Photoshop. I'm going to set up the Wacom tablet tomorrow and I may just continue working directly in the computer from this point or I may go over this sketch collage again in pencil. Once I feel good about it, I'll attack it in Photoshop for the final piece.

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