Saturday, December 30, 2006

Aurora Comicon 2006

Thursday night was a long, rush hour drive across the city of Chicago and beyond, but worth the effort. Alex Wald and I made the trek at the request of John Galdun and the Messenger Public Library of North Aurora to participate in a small Comicon they put on for their readers. Several comic book professionals turned out and filled the tables set up. And many, many youthful comic fans were in attendance. Alex was a good sport as I would tell these wide-eyed wonders that not only was he damn good at drawing monsters (which he is), but as an official comic book art director he could give them a few pointers on their own work. Somehow this will bite me in the butt, I just don't know when.

Alex patiently reciting the names of all the Japanese monsters in his paintings.

We also had a lovely dinner with Dave and Denise Dorman prior to the event, which made the trip worthwhile. Dave was one of the first comics professionals I met as I started in comics when we sat next to each other at Dragoncon in Atlanta in the late '80's. Even then Dave showed every inch of the talent that has turned him into the stellar, in-demand painter he is today.

Denise and Dave Dorman shared a table with Jeff Moy and the coat rack. Cory Carani was at another table.

Lance 'Doc' Boucher of Inter-Fan swapped 80's comic industry horror stories with us. He's organizing a community event of comics, artists and gaming called Inter-Fan Jam 2007 in Portage, Indiana on March 10th.

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Blogger alex said...

I've got to learn to be less encouraging. As soon as those "youthful comic fans" grow up to become comic book art directors and can turn me down for work I'm in trouble!

12:26 PM  
Blogger DOC said...

Hey Guys, It was great swaping those stories and all.
We do have tables left for The Jam if you are interested. Let me know via e-mail

7:12 PM  

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