Monday, September 03, 2007

Devils Win

Every time I turn around, another artist involved with The Devil's Candy Store is being honored by the industry for their work.

The 2007 Hugo Award

Once again, congratulations are in order for Donata Giancola for winning the 2007 Hugo Award for Best Professional Artist. Donato won this Hugo last year in 2006, as well.

The 2007 Hugo Award for Best Novel went to Vernor Vinge for Rainbow's End, which happened to have a cover by Stephan Martiniere. Stephan was also nominated this year for the Best Professional Artist category.

Kristina, Stephan Martiniere, and Donato Giancola at SDCC 07

Speaking of Stephan, he won the 2007 Chesley Award for Best Cover Illustration - Hardback: (for Pyr’s edition of River of Gods by Ian McDonald). Two other Devils were nominated along with Stephan in this category: Jon Foster (for "The Demon and the City" by Liz Williams) and Donato (for "The Thirteenth House" by Sharon Shinn).

Jon Foster and Denise Dorman at SDCC 2007

AND - Donato won the 2007 Chesley Award for Best Unpublished Monochrome: “Red Sonya”.

PLUS - Michael Kaluta was nominated for the Chesley Best Interior Illustration for “The Orphan’s Tales: In the Night Garden” by Catherine M. Valente.

Congrats to all!

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