Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Indy GenCon, Professor Dorman, and Sikozu

Yet another trip and convention this summer. This time, Dave and Denise Dorman, Julienne and myself loaded into Dave's car and headed to Indianapolis. Dave was invited by Durwin Talon to Visionfest 2007 at IUPUI to speak on Sequential Art.

The Visionfest 07 Guest Speaker Panel (Durwin Talon, left/Dave Dorman 4th from left)

And while we there, Denise and I met with a few artists and 3D modellers to discuss The Devil's Candy Store. There also happened to be the Indy GenCon celebrating it's 40th anniversary. Saw some fun stuff, but the highlight was meeting Australian actress, Raelee Hill. She played Sikozu on the amazing Farscape. In person she is charming and funny and pretty as a picture.

Raelee Hill as Sikozu in Farscape

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