Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Great God Pan Opens!

If you're in Chicago come see us. We opened our stage adaptation of Machen's The Great God Pan and the show is off and running. We've gotten a couple of reviews so far and both are good:

"If this is the WildClaw standard for horror, we'll gladly be horrified again."
-Kris Vire, TimeOut Chicago

"Our take: next time you're in the mood for a spine-tingler, put down the Netflix and give this play a shot. It delivers the guts and gore you crave, and you may actually get blood splattered on you. Score."
-Ali Trachta, The Chicagoist

Tom Hickey, Steve Hersen, and Michaela Petro

Come see us at the Athenaeum Theatre. It is rip-roaring horror in a blackbox theater Chicago-style. All the info you would want is at our WildClaw Theatre website: http://www.wildclawtheatre.com

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