Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Clive Barker Donation

Mr. Barker has been kind enough to donate a signed copy (with a one of a kind sketch) of his new demonic sampling, Mister B. Gone, to our upcoming silent auction at Wicked Winter Carnival 2007. This is our big benefit for WildClaw Theatre's inaugural production of Arthur Machen's classic, The Great God Pan.

If you can make it, come join us on Saturday, December 8th at Strawdog Theatre (3829 N. Broadway, Chicago). Starting at 8PM until the wee hours of the morning we will have many bands (4 at the last count), stage readings, B-Movie Queen Scream Contests, 50-50 raffles, a kick-ass Silent Auction, and more! Multiple rooms so you can pick your entertainment or just catch up with old friends (or, heaven forbid, make new ones.) See you there!

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Revelations Symposium

I'm excited! I'm going to the Massive Black/ConceptArt.org Revelations Symposium in Seattle this January. Four days immersed in making art and watching some of the best in the business doing it. Can't wait. Gotta go, there's a pencil and sketch paper waiting for me to come over and play.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wicked Winter Carnival

Okay, this is the big one I want all of you to attend. If you can't attend, send us a $10 or more donation via PayPal at WildClawTheater.com. I'm not kidding.

This is our BIG benefit for The WildClaw Theatre. It's our version of entrepreneurial "friends and family" bootstrapping in the grand tradition of Chicago theater companies.

The Wicked Winter Carnival will help fund our theater company dedicated to tales of the fantastique. Scary theater with a capital "S". The company was born out of the mind of director Charley Sherman who brought Chicago Clive Barker's "In The Flesh". To quote Clive on that particular production - "This show kicks ass!"

So please come out on Saturday, December 8th to Strawdog Theater at 3829 N. Broadway. If you attend one cultural event this year, this is the one. And if you haven't attended one yet this year, get up off your ass and get some culture.

Then next year come see our first production, The Great God Pan. It is an adaptation of Arthur Machen's seminal horror story that influenced generations of writers.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Weta Raygun Commercial


Friday, November 09, 2007

Burning City Redux

I am planning, designing, researching, and mostly thinking, thinking, thinking, and taking notes of said thinking on the revised business model for The Devil's Candy Store. Since I often think better while performing a mundane task, I am also rearranging the Burning City World Headquarters. Wise? Hmm, maybe not, but people who know me will recognize this as a creative exercise I do with maddening regularity. When in doubt, change your surroundings.


My new view from my biz desk

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

24 Hour DUX

This week, Marc Rettig and I hosted a Tutorial for the DUX 2007 Conference entitled, "24 Hour Comic Session". DUX stands for "Conference on Designing for User Experience" and my connection to it comes from my days at HannaHodge as a Business Strategist. Yes, a Business Strategist.

It was my big shoulders and Marc's big shoulders that they counted on.

This was suppose to be a literal 24 Hour session ala Scott McCloud's challenge, but turned out to be 7.5 hours. Go figure. Marc and I made some adjustments and were very fortunate to get 8 people attending who were of good heart, sound minds, and full of energy and creativity. They finished a ten page comic book that they wrote, designed and produced. Very cool.

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