Thursday, November 08, 2007

24 Hour DUX

This week, Marc Rettig and I hosted a Tutorial for the DUX 2007 Conference entitled, "24 Hour Comic Session". DUX stands for "Conference on Designing for User Experience" and my connection to it comes from my days at HannaHodge as a Business Strategist. Yes, a Business Strategist.

It was my big shoulders and Marc's big shoulders that they counted on.

This was suppose to be a literal 24 Hour session ala Scott McCloud's challenge, but turned out to be 7.5 hours. Go figure. Marc and I made some adjustments and were very fortunate to get 8 people attending who were of good heart, sound minds, and full of energy and creativity. They finished a ten page comic book that they wrote, designed and produced. Very cool.

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