Monday, January 05, 2009

Lynda Barry Seminar 2009

Writing the Unthinkable

I'm on a roll now. 2008 started with an inspirational, ass-kicking symposium with Massive Black's Revelation event in Seattle, Washington. This year's ass-kicker was Lynda Barry's Writing the Unthinkable two-day seminar at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago. Lynda was funny, informative, witty and a diligent taskmaster getting us all to write and write and write over two days. The goal was not to critique, but to write. Folks read their work (me too) without fear of attacks and the stuff was pretty magical for first draft, 8 minute, out-of-the-blue prose. It has given my vampire project a needed boost in the writing department. I have been writing dialog and scenes I like, but this has given me the insight (I think) to really get to the heart of the matter in these scenes. A great start to 2009 thanks to the Queen Bee, her badass self, Lynda Barry.

Me and Lynda Barry

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