Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year 2008!

To all three of you who read this blog - Happy New Year!

My much better half, Julienne, and moi.

2007 was quite a treat in Burning City's life:
- San Diego Comic-Con
- The Devil's Candy Store
- Los Angeles Movie Studio Trip
- My father's 90th birthday
- My 50th birthday (and Sputnik!)
- Many family visits!!!
- My sister's wedding!
- Sue's wedding!
- WildClaw Theatre company
- Many, many great new friends
- My new Electra bike
- Working out with a freakin' trainer
- Regular pickup basketball games in the park with the Comix Revolution guys
- The official start of The First Fear comic book production
- And much more... all worthwhile.

2008 should be quite the rollercoaster. I'm starting it off with a bang at the Revelations Symposium in Seattle this week. And to help start your year off right, I'm going to remind you of the one-day Comicraft Font sale that only happens on January 1.

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Blogger 2Things@Once said...

Cute photo, you two! Happy New Year to you both!

10:34 PM  

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