Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WIP Interview and More...

While attending's Reverie workshop in Dallas with Dave Dorman, I participated in a WIP podcast by Peter Mohrbacher and Jeff Himmelman (also, with WIP is Anna Mohrbacher.) You can listen to the WIP interview and read more about WIP at John Schindehette's Art Order blog. As an added bonus, there is a link to Devil's Candy Store artist, George Pratt, and work process.

ArtOrder: George Pratt, Renato Faccini, WIP Podcast, and a question

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Real Zombie Cocktail

When I was growing up, there were still Polynesian restaurants or "Tiki Bars" everywhere and everyone went to them, not just arty hipsters who read Juxtapoz Magazine. It was a family outing with exotic food in a dreamlike setting, usually a waterfall, a bridge over a running stream and a night sky painted on the ceiling. Very tropical. And, to the adults delight, the menu featured tasty tiki drinks that got you buzzed quickly and made you feel like you weren't in the same town you worked in and your kids were tolerable.

Now the drink that epitomized the Tiki Bar lifestyle, was The Zombie. I've had a few of them lately, in Montreal, Dallas, and Chicago. Montreal's was the best, but none of them match this recipe. Casual drinkers beware, this is a drink from an age when folks took their cocktail hour very seriously and the Zombie was king.

Knock one of these puppies back before you come to The Revenants, which opens April 20th at Angel Island Theater in Chicago.


Thursday, April 02, 2009

Reverie '09 - Monday, March 30 Walk-Thru

Reverie '09 - Monday, March 30

Greg Manchess

Bobby Chiu shows Dave Dorman the digital ropes

Bobby Chiu teaches class

Dave Dorman paints acrylics over oil (You can't do that)

Dave Dorman paints digitally for the first time!

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Reverie '09 - Sunday, March 29

Waiting for Reverie to officially start

Jason Manley of Massive Black gets the ball rolling

Andrew Jones paints from life

Shawn Barber, Carl Dobsky, and Dave Dorman paint with oil

Dave Dorman lays down the background in oil. Tomorrow he will finish with acrylics. And, yes, that defies the laws of physics.

Carl Dobsky

Kim Saigh (tattoo artist from L.A. Ink) and Shawn Barber

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Reverie 09 Kick-off Party Video

Just a quick peek at the dj dance floor, model setups and the crowd.

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Reverie Workshop - Part 2

More scenes from the kick-off party at FIG.

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Reverie '09 - Sunday, March 29

A few quick scenes from the kick-off party for's Reverie Workshop in Dallas, Texas.

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